+ What does DNI Group do?

DNI Group is a Sales & Marketing operation specializing in product development and importation/procurement of DNI Group established quality brands. We provide accurate service, reliable inventory and on-time delivery of frozen sashimi-grade seafoods and Japanese inspired appetizers throughout the U.S.

+ Does DNI Group sell products that are not frozen?

All DNI Group products are frozen. DNI Group specializes in “Core Frozen, Sushi Safe” seafoods and frozen Japanese-inspired appetizers to ensure “Sashimi Grade” quality and easier inventory management.

+ Which states and areas do we deliver to?

Out of 3 distribution points (Los Angeles, CA; Newark, NJ; Miami, FL), DNI Group provides nationwide delivery throughout the U.S.

+ Do we sell our products to consumers directly?

DNI Group focuses on products that are primarily for institutional use. Any direct transaction will require a credit background check and minimum order quantity conditions must be met.

+ Are DNI Group products only found in sushi restaurants?

DNI Group products can be be found not only in sushi restaurants, but in a wide variety of food service institutions, especially now with the widespread and mainstreaming of Japanese foods/ingredients seen nationally.

+ Where does DNI Group get its products?

DNI Group strategically sources its products around the world. Food safety, consistent quality, sustainability, cost, resource, exercising of human rights, etc. are all accounted for in our procurement process.

+ How does DNI Group assure that it’s seafood is safe?

With a worldwide network quality control team, frequent visits to our overseas production partners is a huge advantage that DNI has over its competitors. This helps us to ensure that the products that we receive are consistently processed, following certified HACCP plans and making sure that DNI specifications are strictly met.

+ Is raw fish safe to consume?

The key to food safety is time, temperature and sanitation. Foods, especially proteins, need to be processed under indicated temperatures within a limited amount of time in clean conditions to ensure safety. Sushi chefs in Japan undergo years of extremely strict training, not only in the art and presentation of sushi, but food safety as well. Sushi chefs even consider the warmth of their hands as a part of their preparation. With the mainstreaming of sushi in the U.S., not all sushi preparers undergo such training. However, DNI places a strong focus and top priority on its on-site quality control and core frozen sushi safe seafood products.