At DNI Group, we take Health and Food Safety issues very seriously.
We have our own standards to live up to on each and every order.

Each sales and marketing employee who works at DNI Group is required to take, and pass, the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals Food Safety Manager Certification Examination course. This program gives all of our sales team a solid base in Health and Food Safety. This is important in all phases of our business, from understanding and creating HACCP plans, new product development, packaging issues as well as understanding what steps a restaurant must go through to serve our products.

    Quality control is a major concern for all food producers. It is the heart beat of our business. DNI Group through our partnership with Inabata Japan, has direct, local offices in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam for onsite quality control of production, raw material tracing and inspection, as well as HACCP compliance. This is all managed by our Director of Quality Control based in Tokyo, Japan.
    When it comes to procuring product, DNI Group has the ability to leverage our competitive advantage through various global locations in order to achieve a combination of best pricing and quality through our network of affiliated companies. Whether our Crane Bay®, Tezukuri®, or Maneki® Brand seafood products are packed in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam or other source, you can expect a healthy product.
    Our products, through our own specifications, are regularly tested for chemicals and pathogens before they are allowed to be packed under our own label. Please contact us for a full overview of our testing and tracing procedures.

DNI Group is committed to providing quality products, outstanding service and maintaining long term, healthy relationships with our customers, as well as our suppliers.